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The Office of Oil and Gas

About the Office of Oil and Gas


The Office of Oil and Gas supports regional public safety and clean energy goals by coordinating the oversight of oil and gas operations and centralizing communication between the community, industry, and regulators in the unincorporated County of Los Angeles.

On December 18, 2018, the Board directed the Chief Executive Office (CEO), in consultation with the Chief Sustainability Office (CSO), the Departments of Public Works (PW), Regional Planning (DRP), Public Health (DPH), and Fire to report on the feasibility of establishing a County Office of Oil and Gas. The follow up report recommended that, due to the technical expertise needed for this office, the office be housed within Public Works, but that work be undertaken through an interdepartmental team consisting of CSO, PW, DRP, DPH, & Fire. The office allows the County to play an enhanced role in the following areas:

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Centralized Communications

  • Serve as a central point of contact for the community, regulators, and industry.
    • A clear single point of contact that would be responsible for these communications across all oil and gas issues.
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Centralized and More Proactive Coordination

  • Coordinate the work of County Departments to facilitate a more efficient approach to:
    • Manage and potentially streamline inspection processes
    • Develop adequate permit conditions
    • Ensure community concerns are being appropriately communicated and addressed
    • Coordinate and monitor legislation that may impact County oversight of these facilities
    • Implement recommendations from the County Oil and Gas Strike Team and “Our County” sustainability plan
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Partnership with Local Jurisdictions

  • Establish ongoing communication and coordination with other relevant local jurisdictions to ensure a more coordinated regional approach.